Monday, March 12, 2012

Tayzli Kamiko Inns

Man, i love this little human being so dang much! It's hard to think about what my life was once like without her, and shes only been in my life for 20 months.....CRAAAZY! Tayzli has always had such a big her dad. I've realized how important it is to watch what i say and do around her now, she is a smarty pants now and tries to be like more like me every single day.
I just wanted to make a little list of things she has been saying and doing for myself to look back on and for close friends and family that like to stay updated.

-Tayzli hits herself on the head and says "DUHH"
-She also hits other people on the head saying "DUHH" which im trying to get her to stop doing by the way.
-She loves saying bye! she will repeatedly say it over and over and over whenever someone leaves, or when we leave somewhere.
-Her response to i love you, or i miss BYE! haha
-With my work schedule I need to get a nap in during the day so i can function through the night, she knows when im laying down to be quiet and she puts her finger to her mouth and goes SHHH! in a super quiet whisper voice. Then she will usually go down for a nap with me. very convenient for me.
-She LOOVES to talk on the phone, whenever i would be on my phone she would say daddy or dadda....I think she thought the phone was "dadda" but she now knows that its a phone and knows when she is talking TO "dadda" not ON ;) but now im having a hard time getting her off the phone. She finds my phone all the time and hands it to me and says "dad!!"
-It's actually kind of weird, whenever i am on the phone with Jori its almost as if she knows.....if im on the phone with anyone else she doesnt bother me to talk...but when its her daddy she is all over me trying to talk to him. It is pretty cute to see. She definitely loves her daddy.
-Tayzli now knows how to color....JOY! wiping the walls has not been one of my favorite things to do.
-She is an extremely good listener.
-She LOVES music, anytime she hears it she starts dancing or she gets this huge grin. I honestly think its because when i was pregnant all i ever did was listen to music.
- Tayz loves vegetables. LOVES them! especially green beens. Probably because i eat healthy now, so she likes to too. ;)
-loves singing songs, especially the itsy bitsy spider....yes, she does all the actions too.

There is so much more for me to write about that i just cant think of right now. Tayzli is by far, thee very best thing thats happened to me. I love that I get to be her mom... and i strive every day to be someone for her to look up to. Even though i feel like i look up to her more and more. She is the greatest little example to me, and my family. She has taught me patience and how to truly love.

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